There are many ways that a non-profit can raise funds to improve the services it is able to offer clients.  KM&A is able to help you with any or all of them.


Individual, Foundation and Corporate Grants/Solicitations

Government Grants

Research to Identify Major Gift Prospects and Potential Leadership

Publications (annual reports, case statements, etc.)

a. Events

From cocktail receptions for a few key donors to black tie galas for over a thousand guests, KM&A has decades of experience uncovering unique venues; identifying and recruiting enthusiastic and generous volunteers and honorees; soliciting a broad array of audiences, including board members, alumni, client families, vendors, past and present supporters, and even employees; and coordinating every aspect of an event including the planning, invitations, journal, seating, logistics, acknowledgements and everything in between.

What does that mean for a client?

KM&A can do any or all of the following:

  • Identify and secure exciting venues.
  • Develop timelines for all activities relating to your event.
  • Identify and help recruit event honorees, chairs and other leadership.
  • Work with your staff, leadership and volunteers to structure underwriting, journal and ticket prices to assure maximum return and participation to achieve fundraising goals.
  • Make suggestions for possible underwriting opportunities, identifying and soliciting major gift prospects for underwriting and other event support such as table favors.
  • Maintain, expand and refine your database of invitees and donor prospects.
  • Develop a souvenir journal prices and ad specifications, designed to maximize revenue.
  • Write and oversee the production and mailing of solicitation letters; coordinate production of both invitations and journals with the printer, including artwork, editorial content and advertising.
  • Track proceeds and provide regular reports breaking down attendance, and funds pledged and received to date.
  • Provide in-person and telephone follow-up to new and outstanding donor prospects.
  • Ensure that every event receives appropriate publicity, with a goal of raising the profile of the agency and improving the fundraising environment for other solicitations.
  • Planning and executing all event logistics, including any seating, program planning, entertainment and all matters pertaining to its general orchestration and successful outcome.
  • Ensure that tax acknowledgment letters are sent to all donors.
  • Help secure appropriate awards commemorating the honorees.
  • Ensure a best effort follow-up on collection of unpaid pledges at the conclusion of the event.

b. Individual, Foundation and Corporate Grants/Solicitations

Whether your agency is just starting its fundraising efforts, or is looking to build upon a long-established development program, KM&A has the experience and resources to help. Our staff has decades of experience soliciting six-, seven-, and even eight-figure gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations through proposal preparation and direct solicitation.

What kinds of things can KM&A do? We can:

  • Review your donor lists, including corporations, foundations and individuals, to identify prospective donors who could be cultivated for additional support.
  • Use our knowledge of New York City philanthropy to determine appealing new RFPs as they are issued; existing foundations and other private supporters with closely aligned interests who might be receptive to an approach from your agency; as well as other potential sources of private support.
  • Work directly with your staff to help you hone and refine projects needing funding to maximize their appeal to potential funders.
  • As appropriate, KM&A can develop relationships with your current development staff, institutional leadership, and volunteers. We work with them to lend our experience and knowledge, and make ourselves available to help with grants, as necessary, whether writing, editing or reviewing, as needed. If deemed suitable, we make our staff available to meet regularly with your staff.

c. Government Grants

KM&A has broad experience with governmental RFPs at all levels, and current staff members have written successful proposals to:

New York City:

  • Administration for Children’s Services
  • Borough President and City Council Capital Grant Fund Applications
  • Department for the Aging
  • Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Department of Homeless Services
  • Department of Youth and Community Development

Westchester County:

  • Department of Social Services

New York State:

  • Assembly and Senate Grant Funding Applications
  • Department of Health
  • Maternity and Early Childhood Foundation
  • Office for the Aging
  • Office of Children and Family Services
  • Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance


  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development

d. Research to Identify Major Gift Prospects and Potential Leadership

KM&A staff is familiar with virtually every existing prospect research database, including both public and private sources of information, so that we can help your agency identify prospective major supporters from among your clients, their families, and/or your existing donors.

As well, we can review volunteers and leadership lists in order to help agencies:

  • Identify strengths and possible connections, as well as making recommendations regarding the best avenues for improvement.
  • Use our experience to work to identify and recruit new volunteer leadership and board members. In that regard, our reviews of donors and other prospects helps in the process of recognizing possible new leadership, as does our general knowledge of the field itself.
  • Provide staff, as needed, to work with board and other leaders directly in the area of board development, meeting with them or presenting recommendations to any nominating committee or other appropriate staff.

e. Publications (annual reports, case statements, etc.)

KM&A has extensive experience writing and working with photographers, designers and printers to produce:

  • Annual Reports
  • Case Statements
  • Program Brochures
  • Websites

KM&A can shepherd projects from inception to development to final product.